The Beautiful World of Proteus


Well, I like to be an all-around gamer, so I try to play games in all genres!
Well the most recent one I got was Proteus. The game is basically a free roam, go wherever you like kind of game, with no objectives other than to explore!

The best of all is that it does not get boring (in part because it’s a very short experience). The game world is generated every time you start a new game and what you get is an island to explore. There are no characters, no dialogue and no missions to do! It is only you… you and a peaceful deserted place for you to lose yourself in.

The soundtrack is good, although not great. I love the sounds of the night and the ocean, but during the day in the middle of the forest, it can get a bit irritating, with too many high pitch sounds at the same time. The music is generated by the objects around you and that is maybe the reason I got a few too much sounds at the same time.

All in all it’s a good little experience and I do hope to see the next project from Ed Key and David Kanaga soon.


On Disc DLC

Ohhh now that is a good one… How many times did we turn our consoles on, went to the store (or live), bought some sweet looking DLC and found out the only thing we were downloading was a single key?

Yes I am talking to you Capcom, EA and all you greedy companies out there! If i buy a game, whatever is in that disc is mine, I´m sick and tired of you lazy people that cut out chunks of your games and sell them as downloadable content, that´s bollocks!

If you want to make DLC, make it downloadable!! Use the PlayStation and Xbox services and makes us download the content, show us you actually care and work hard to bring us totally new content, apart from what is in the disc, I HATE ON DISC DLC and I sincerely hope you stop this nonsense soon!

But knowing your greedy nature dear publishers, I don´t see this ending any time soon, which pisses me off!

Why I Love Indie Games

We all love AAA titles and it’s a great thing they exist because they keep gaming in general relevant as a business.

But we all know that big companies avoid taking huge risks and most of the time they play it safe! But a new movement started massively growing a few years ago, the Indie Game Industry (if we can call it an Industry)!

From games made by a single person, to games made by teams of a few people, the Indie Scene has brought us great experiences! Sometimes we get simple games like, Proteus or Journey, other times we get a game like Minecraft, who brought the Indie genre to the spotlight, a game where your imagination is the limit and where you can explore and build whatever, whenever, wherever you fancy!

These little “huge” games have a very special place in my heart and I can only imagine what the future will bring for us gamers, and from what we have been experiencing, along with announcements like The Witness for the PS4, it will be a Bright Future!

AMD Going Through Rough Times, NVIDIA Still Makes Profit!


According to an article published on Gamespot, AMD recently sold its Austin Based HQ for $164 Million in order to raise money and they’re hoping the business with the next gen consoles pays off! NVidia on the other hand, posted a profit of $174 Million on its latest earnings call. 

I advise you to follow the link below if you want to the see original article as I am only here to give you my opinion on the matter!

I am considered to be an AMD guy. My first gaming PC had an AMD CPU and an ATI graphics card. Nowadays I use a 2 year old gaming laptop that is also powered by an ATI graphics card, although the CPU is an Intel i7.

And boy have I got myself into trouble with ATI… Its graphical glitches galore and compatibility issues abound! I’m not bashing the company itself, I’m only saying that ATI products have less support and compatibility than NVidia, at least in my experience with PC gaming.

I can tell you one thing, I wish AMD the best but my next desktop is going to be Intel and NVidia powered! They may be more expensive but for what I’ve seen, it will surely be worth it!

Female Protagonists

Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine, Bayonetta… Do you recognize these names?
Those are some of the most well-known female lead characters in gaming. They are strong, intelligent and very capable of handling any situation thrown at them.

But they are women… So we can expect them to be weaker, not as meaningful and overall less charismatic than men, or can we?

As we can all see, most videogame lead characters are men, and according to some people on the gaming industry (I´m not gonna name names, do your “googling” lazy people!) female protagonists make games sell less and make players less interested in experiencing a story through a women’s point of view.

Well that doesn’t bode well for me! Why in the world would playing as a female be worse than playing with a male? Why? I, sincerely hope people (especially publishers) stop going this route and start giving producers room to work on their great ideas, independently of the lead’s gender!

As a man, I get as much enjoyment playing as Nathan Drake or Kratos as I do with Lara croft or Bayonetta! The gender does not matter, good storytelling matters! And if those old fashioned ways of thinking are based on true statistics then people need to wake up, its 2013 for God’s sake! Do we really need to continue with this gender discrimination? Even in gaming??

C’mon, put your thinking hats on and give this matter a few minutes of thought…

On this topic i urge you all  to go and purchase the new Tomb Raider game! I can say i have already beaten it and its a wonderful game, with good storytelling (simple and straightforward but enjoyable none the less); and a well developed main character that is determined, self reliant and strong! And guess what? Its a woman, and I love the game!! Most people i know also loved it and it is selling well as far as I know…

The gaming Industry Must evolve past these rudimentary problems if it is to mature and reach a even broader audience and finally get the respect it deserves!

Always Online Consoles Controversy

Well I must say I’m pretty happy I’ll be able to play Ps4 without having to be always connected to the Internet! The same can’t be said for the next XBox console, despite haven’t been announced yet, the rumour mill is going crazy with tons of sources saying that the new console from Microsoft will require a constant Internet connection in order to run any game.

Well I’m not one to go out of my way and have an opinion based on rumours but this is something different, something catastrophic to say the least, so I had to come out and write something on the matter, it is driving me insane…

Basically an always online console means you’ve got to have a constant Internet connection if you want to play any sort of game, despite it being single or multiplayer. Now this is a deal breakers for me! If I want to sit comfortably on my couch and play a singleplayer game, I should be able to without worrying about my Internet connection! Some of you might say that it isn’t such a big deal, its just plugging a cable on the back of the console and not having to bother any more, but you would be wrong! Do you really want to face problems like “lag” or “server connection failures” in your singleplayer experiences? Games like Diablo 3 and the recent Simcity tried an always online approach and they failed…miserably… With people not being able to even connect to the game or being disconnected during gameplay, this method has enraged fans and critics alike, and they are planning to expand this method to an entire console? I’ve talked about the problems on their part, what about in your end? In your home? Do you have the needed Internet speed to be able to deal with a console always requiring it? Do you think that with less than 50 Mb or even 100 Mb you’ll have a smooth experience? Think again…

Is the Internet speed in the U.S that fast nowadays? In all the country? I mean rural areas and such, places without fibre optics, is it really that overly developed all around? What about the places in the world with slow connections? They can’t have your new XBox Microsoft? Are you willing to cater to only a selected few with an entire console? I don’t think so…

I really think this won’t happen, despite all the rumours and tweeter posts, I think the new XBox will NOT require a constant Internet connection because then I, as well as thousands of people,would not buy the console not just because of  our Internet speeds, but as a protest against this overly intrusive DRM (beacause this is only a way to try and block out piracy). They want money, to get money they need customers, to get customers they can’t take this approach to the next gen, the math is pretty simple…

Ohhh… And did I mention that having to be always online will block out your used games and/or bind each game to 1 console only? Or maybe make you pay a fee if you buy it used?Oh the joy… Pull you S*** together Microsoft and bring us a great console! Prove me wrong and I’ll be glad to give you my money!!