AMD Going Through Rough Times, NVIDIA Still Makes Profit!


According to an article published on Gamespot, AMD recently sold its Austin Based HQ for $164 Million in order to raise money and they’re hoping the business with the next gen consoles pays off! NVidia on the other hand, posted a profit of $174 Million on its latest earnings call. 

I advise you to follow the link below if you want to the see original article as I am only here to give you my opinion on the matter!

I am considered to be an AMD guy. My first gaming PC had an AMD CPU and an ATI graphics card. Nowadays I use a 2 year old gaming laptop that is also powered by an ATI graphics card, although the CPU is an Intel i7.

And boy have I got myself into trouble with ATI… Its graphical glitches galore and compatibility issues abound! I’m not bashing the company itself, I’m only saying that ATI products have less support and compatibility than NVidia, at least in my experience with PC gaming.

I can tell you one thing, I wish AMD the best but my next desktop is going to be Intel and NVidia powered! They may be more expensive but for what I’ve seen, it will surely be worth it!


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