On Disc DLC

Ohhh now that is a good one… How many times did we turn our consoles on, went to the store (or live), bought some sweet looking DLC and found out the only thing we were downloading was a single key?

Yes I am talking to you Capcom, EA and all you greedy companies out there! If i buy a game, whatever is in that disc is mine, I´m sick and tired of you lazy people that cut out chunks of your games and sell them as downloadable content, that´s bollocks!

If you want to make DLC, make it downloadable!! Use the PlayStation and Xbox services and makes us download the content, show us you actually care and work hard to bring us totally new content, apart from what is in the disc, I HATE ON DISC DLC and I sincerely hope you stop this nonsense soon!

But knowing your greedy nature dear publishers, I don´t see this ending any time soon, which pisses me off!


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