The Beautiful World of Proteus


Well, I like to be an all-around gamer, so I try to play games in all genres!
Well the most recent one I got was Proteus. The game is basically a free roam, go wherever you like kind of game, with no objectives other than to explore!

The best of all is that it does not get boring (in part because it’s a very short experience). The game world is generated every time you start a new game and what you get is an island to explore. There are no characters, no dialogue and no missions to do! It is only you… you and a peaceful deserted place for you to lose yourself in.

The soundtrack is good, although not great. I love the sounds of the night and the ocean, but during the day in the middle of the forest, it can get a bit irritating, with too many high pitch sounds at the same time. The music is generated by the objects around you and that is maybe the reason I got a few too much sounds at the same time.

All in all it’s a good little experience and I do hope to see the next project from Ed Key and David Kanaga soon.


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