Why I Love Indie Games

We all love AAA titles and it’s a great thing they exist because they keep gaming in general relevant as a business.

But we all know that big companies avoid taking huge risks and most of the time they play it safe! But a new movement started massively growing a few years ago, the Indie Game Industry (if we can call it an Industry)!

From games made by a single person, to games made by teams of a few people, the Indie Scene has brought us great experiences! Sometimes we get simple games like, Proteus or Journey, other times we get a game like Minecraft, who brought the Indie genre to the spotlight, a game where your imagination is the limit and where you can explore and build whatever, whenever, wherever you fancy!

These little “huge” games have a very special place in my heart and I can only imagine what the future will bring for us gamers, and from what we have been experiencing, along with announcements like The Witness for the PS4, it will be a Bright Future!


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