Watch Dogs (Yes I had to talk about this game)


Well, I had to write an article about Watch Dogs… I just had to. As much as  I like to explore the Indie realm and the smaller games there is just no avoiding this game… But don’t worry, I won’t go trough the game’s features and all that nonsense because everyone does it and it just gets boring!

With Watch Dogs we have an open world game where you play as some kind of hacker who has access to information regarding basically everyone, who fights for freedom in a controlled society where privacy is something rare and precious…

A game that can steal the crown of best open world game from the hands of Rockstar, by giving the player a rich world filled with details and a true graphical prowess! GTA V is coming out first and on the current gen consoles so Watch Dogs should at least have a better visual presentation since it is also coming out for the PS4 and the XboxOne. 

One thing that should make Rockstar’s game more appealing to a broader audience is the quantity of side activities that the game will present to players, tennis and golf are just 2 examples of what to look for… On the other hand, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is shaping up to be a more story driven game, with less emphasis on fun activities and more on the narrative itself. 

One of the games tends to more of a satire of today’s society and the other is more of a grim look into the near future, guess which one is which? Easy question… It may come down to your person taste to decide which style of game suits you better.

But if you ask me which of these games I’m most looking forward to, I would have to say that despite my huge interest for Watch Dogs, GTA V is the game I want to get my hands on first…

But I’m very happy that a true contender to the open world crown is about to hit the market later this year, and the fact that this is a new IP just makes it even better.

And, as with all these gaming and console rivalries… We, gamers, are the ones who always win!



Torchlight FREE Until June 20


Well I’m here today only to let you know about a recent promotion going on at The Dungeon Crawler Torchlight, who got good reviews and was, after all, a good game is FREE until 19:59 GMT June 20. You can check Runic Games website for more info and be sure to click here to get your FREE copy of Torchlite!!

Its free, it won’t hurt to try it out!!

Tom Clancy’s: The Division


Well, there is a lot to talk about and I’ll get to everything when I can, but today I am more interested in talking to you about the game who (for me) was the best reveal this E3, and that is Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s: The Division”.

While last year I was impressed with “Watch Dogs” (another Ubisoft game), this year the title that won me over was definitely “The Division”. After a mediocre conference with an obnoxious host who tried way to hard to be funny, we we’re shown this beautiful game, set in New York, 3 weeks after a plague swept through it and killed a lot of people! The survivors are mostly aggressive scavengers who will fight you for resources (nothing new here).

You’ll also have to scavenge and explore the city to find parts and supplies, like water for example. The game was described as an open world co-op RPG that you can play with your friends and probably by yourself too, although no details were revealed as to the possibility to have bots on your squad or even play the game singleplayer!


To be honest, not much is known about the game, it almost looked like an MMO for the gameplay we saw, with the city being completely filled with other players, some of which can even attack you and your buddies. You’ll do a lot of shooting, cover based and in third person. I didn’t particularly like the combat as it looked a bit mechanic and the numbers demonstrating the quantity of damage coming from the enemies doesn’t fit the realistic look and feel of the game.

I must say the game looks really good! I advise you to watch the gameplay reveal here and you’ll see what I mean!

It is set in the near future and as so, you’ll get to use some pretty neat futuristic weaponry, as a grenade who rolls by itself until it reaches your enemy (who thinks he’s safe behind cover) and then explodes, for example! The HUD looks very dynamic, showing a map on the floor in front of your character or the ammo you have beside you. Being multiplayer focused it’s good they won’t have you scrolling down menus, allowing you to keep up to the objectives in real time, while keeping an eye out for other players and enemies!


The game will be available as a next-gen exclusive, PS4 and Xbox One to be exact, although I would love to see it coming to the PC later down the line! I’m so pumped for this game and yet we know so little about it… I’ll be bringing you more E3 news as soon as I’m able too, until then, Good Gaming!

The Day Has Come


Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for months if not years… Well at least its June 10th where I live!

That means 1 thing: E3 is here!! I’m so pumped to see those press conferences, to feel the excitement, joy and/or revolt, most likely a combination of the 3… To watch it on my comfy chair while discussing it with friends while drinking a beer… Maybe not beer, I don’t really like it, yes I’m a strange case…

There’s only 1 beer I like in the world, and that’s Marcus Beer, a gentleman in the gaming industry if you ask me…

But getting back on track, This is a moment to savor as it only comes twice a decade… The unveiling of a console, 2 in this case (no, the little press conferences they had do not count as true unveilings)! I’m personally hoping for the PS4 conference the most, as the Xbox One is more interested in getting me angry than showing me games… I would love to see the return of some franchises, such as Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot, although i know those games won’t probably be there, especially since Crash Bandicoot died at the hands of Activision… Maybe we’ll get a Marsupial skin in the next Call of Duty…

Something I would also love to see would be Microsoft backing down and mopping up the remnants of the shitstorm that is the Xbox One… You know that device right out of spy movies you want to sell us, the Kinect? Let us play games without it, let us at least turn it off and be able to play games that don’t even use it… What about your act of generosity of letting us trade a game with a friend, and I mean 1 friend because he won’t be able to trade again as there is the limit of 1 trade per game… I can just pick up my XBOX 360 games and TRADE THEM with anyone right now!! Just give them the goddamn game and he can do whatever he wants with it, even trade it AGAIN with some other RANDOM person!!!! And if the “1 time trade restriction” wasn’t enough, the person you want to trade with has to be your friend for more than 30 days on your Xbox live account… Thank you Microsoft…


Ubisoft… Now there’s a conference I’m eagerly awaiting to see, despite the recent controversy surrounding Patrice Desilets (if you do not know what I’m talking about, be sure to check this article), I believe they want to innovate, or at least bring us great AAA titles! Something tells me the Ps4 will feature great games coming from Ubisoft… I know it is a easy prediction but my point is that I love their work and I’m hoping to see great next-gen titles by those guys!

I hope we’ll get to see a new Mass Effect in my All time Favorite Franchise! Just don’t make it a generic Third Person cover based Shooter, please Bioware…Oh and don’t screw the game’s storyline at the last minute, and do try to keep people from leaving the company, that would be good… This brings us to the new IP they’ve been working on! Hopefully it will be unveiled today, along with more details on Dragon Age 3!!

Anyway, I’ll be covering a lot of things in the next few days, here and on Gamesoul, so good E3 for you fellas and I hope you have a blast, I sure Will!!

The First Hours of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


I’m a few hours into “Call of Juarez: Gunslinger” and I can tell you right now, the game is fun!

My full review will be up on GameSoulOnline in a few days although that is not why I’m here today… I am here to share with you my first impressions into this sequel to the poorly received “Call of Juarez: The Cartel”.

I would like to get something out of the way, I am not a fan of the western genre’s  movies or even games; I never finished Red Dead Redemption because it never sucked me in, I didn’t feel compelled to keep coming to the world that Rockstar created for us… I realize it wasn’t a bad game, it was a great game in fact, with a great storyline and a lot to do and a ton of activities to partake in. But it was a western…

Why did I buy Techland’s new game then? Well it was cheap… Don’t laugh, it really was, 15€ isn’t much nowadays and I had heard good things about it. Well I can proudly say it was a good purchase! I’m having a lot of fun with it (I’m on the 5th chapter) and despite the story not being the focus of the game, it is well presented, simple and funny!

But lets leave the details for the proper upcoming review, you don’t want it spoiled, do you?

One thing I have to mention was a bug that completely ruined a boss fight… As soon as the battle started, the boss started provoking and shooting at me but as soon as I started shooting back and dealing some damage he wanted to retreat to a better position. Thing is, he got stuck in a bunch of logs and kept trying to run in the same place, clipping away at the logs in a desperate attempt to… to… well… GOD I HATE BUGS, at least this one just broke my immersion and not the game! Still, this should not have happened, especially in a boss fight…

Maybe that bug was an exception, as it was the only one I found so far, and you might end up having a couple of laughs at something like this, but for many people these things can make them shy away from the game or just outright hate it…

As for me, I’m having a blast! The shooting mechanics are spot on and the action (despite repetitive) feels entertaining as hell! Lets just hope it keeps the same quality until the end, although I can see why some people might find it boring or too simplistic…

More on the game soon!

Dry Season

Is it just me, or is the Gaming Industry boring right now?  Yeah, we have been getting some games recently, good quality ones too, but I feel like there’s something missing…

I feel mostly disinterested by the news we have been getting and there is nothing truly interesting to cover… Even the Xbox One debacle is starting to fade away for me. Even now that I’m going to start to play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger I don’t really feel like it, I know it will probably be a good game and you’ll get to see my review on it once it is done (of course) but I just don’t feel the burning passion inside no more…

Is it because this generation is dragging itself? Is it because of the abominable quantity of sequels on the market? It’s probably a little bit of both… I’m so tired and disappointed of watching greedy publishers making the same games year after year, rehashing franchises but delivering the same thing over and over and over again…

I like my Call of Duty and my Uncharted just fine, but c’mon people, not everything needs to be like those games; we don’t need Hollywood spreading its influences into every game… We need to understand games aren’t movies and movies aren’t games!! Everything “Xplosions” and more “Xplosions”, throwing substance of the window in exchange for, guess what? EVEN MORE “XPLOSIONS”… If it weren’t for the Indie Scene, I would feel even worse by now!

Are we into games by passion or fashion?

Almost everyone follows the same safe route for their games, making copy cat experiences that may deliver some fun, but do not evolve the medium as a whole neither stay with us for long… We need new Ip’s and I believe the new gen will bring us just that! E3 will hopefully be a breath of fresh air as we need innovation and especially evolution!

Until then I’ll keep waiting for “Remember Me”, while I’m sure it won’t blow me away, it will be satisfying enough while I wait for the big reveals at E3 later this month…

Hell, maybe “Remember me” will be a great game, I just don’t feel very optimistic right now…