Dry Season

Is it just me, or is the Gaming Industry boring right now?  Yeah, we have been getting some games recently, good quality ones too, but I feel like there’s something missing…

I feel mostly disinterested by the news we have been getting and there is nothing truly interesting to cover… Even the Xbox One debacle is starting to fade away for me. Even now that I’m going to start to play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger I don’t really feel like it, I know it will probably be a good game and you’ll get to see my review on it once it is done (of course) but I just don’t feel the burning passion inside no more…

Is it because this generation is dragging itself? Is it because of the abominable quantity of sequels on the market? It’s probably a little bit of both… I’m so tired and disappointed of watching greedy publishers making the same games year after year, rehashing franchises but delivering the same thing over and over and over again…

I like my Call of Duty and my Uncharted just fine, but c’mon people, not everything needs to be like those games; we don’t need Hollywood spreading its influences into every game… We need to understand games aren’t movies and movies aren’t games!! Everything “Xplosions” and more “Xplosions”, throwing substance of the window in exchange for, guess what? EVEN MORE “XPLOSIONS”… If it weren’t for the Indie Scene, I would feel even worse by now!

Are we into games by passion or fashion?

Almost everyone follows the same safe route for their games, making copy cat experiences that may deliver some fun, but do not evolve the medium as a whole neither stay with us for long… We need new Ip’s and I believe the new gen will bring us just that! E3 will hopefully be a breath of fresh air as we need innovation and especially evolution!

Until then I’ll keep waiting for “Remember Me”, while I’m sure it won’t blow me away, it will be satisfying enough while I wait for the big reveals at E3 later this month…

Hell, maybe “Remember me” will be a great game, I just don’t feel very optimistic right now…


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