The Day Has Come


Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for months if not years… Well at least its June 10th where I live!

That means 1 thing: E3 is here!! I’m so pumped to see those press conferences, to feel the excitement, joy and/or revolt, most likely a combination of the 3… To watch it on my comfy chair while discussing it with friends while drinking a beer… Maybe not beer, I don’t really like it, yes I’m a strange case…

There’s only 1 beer I like in the world, and that’s Marcus Beer, a gentleman in the gaming industry if you ask me…

But getting back on track, This is a moment to savor as it only comes twice a decade… The unveiling of a console, 2 in this case (no, the little press conferences they had do not count as true unveilings)! I’m personally hoping for the PS4 conference the most, as the Xbox One is more interested in getting me angry than showing me games… I would love to see the return of some franchises, such as Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot, although i know those games won’t probably be there, especially since Crash Bandicoot died at the hands of Activision… Maybe we’ll get a Marsupial skin in the next Call of Duty…

Something I would also love to see would be Microsoft backing down and mopping up the remnants of the shitstorm that is the Xbox One… You know that device right out of spy movies you want to sell us, the Kinect? Let us play games without it, let us at least turn it off and be able to play games that don’t even use it… What about your act of generosity of letting us trade a game with a friend, and I mean 1 friend because he won’t be able to trade again as there is the limit of 1 trade per game… I can just pick up my XBOX 360 games and TRADE THEM with anyone right now!! Just give them the goddamn game and he can do whatever he wants with it, even trade it AGAIN with some other RANDOM person!!!! And if the “1 time trade restriction” wasn’t enough, the person you want to trade with has to be your friend for more than 30 days on your Xbox live account… Thank you Microsoft…


Ubisoft… Now there’s a conference I’m eagerly awaiting to see, despite the recent controversy surrounding Patrice Desilets (if you do not know what I’m talking about, be sure to check this article), I believe they want to innovate, or at least bring us great AAA titles! Something tells me the Ps4 will feature great games coming from Ubisoft… I know it is a easy prediction but my point is that I love their work and I’m hoping to see great next-gen titles by those guys!

I hope we’ll get to see a new Mass Effect in my All time Favorite Franchise! Just don’t make it a generic Third Person cover based Shooter, please Bioware…Oh and don’t screw the game’s storyline at the last minute, and do try to keep people from leaving the company, that would be good… This brings us to the new IP they’ve been working on! Hopefully it will be unveiled today, along with more details on Dragon Age 3!!

Anyway, I’ll be covering a lot of things in the next few days, here and on Gamesoul, so good E3 for you fellas and I hope you have a blast, I sure Will!!


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