Humble Deep Silver Bundle

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As some of you might know, there is a website that sells weekly bundles of games in a “pay what you want” model. The best thing is that if you pay 1 dollar or more, you get steam keys for the games they sell which is very useful as you don’t need to rely on the website whenever you want to download the games, just add them to your steam account and voilà! It’s forever available to you on Valve’s digital distribution platform.

There are usually 3 tiers of bundles, one if you pay the average price everyone is paying, other if you pay less and a last one if you pay a required amount (more expensive than the rest).

This week, Deep Silver has made some of their games available in an appealing bundle. Pay less than 4.92$ and you get Saints Row: The Third; Saints Row 2; Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2 Gold. If you pay more than 4.92$ you get the same games plus Dead Island Game of the Year Edition and the full package of Saints Row: The Third DLC. Finally in the last tier, where you must pay 25$ or more you get all the things from previous tiers plus Dead Island: Riptide!

As you can see, a bunch of quality titles for whatever you want to pay, its a chance difficult to pass by unless you’ve already bough these games in the past.

On a last note, it is important to let you know that when you buy from Humble Bundle you choose (using sliders) how much of your payment goes to the company that developed the game (in this case Deep Silver), to the maintenance of the website itself and how much goes to charity.

Even if these games do not interest you, be sure to check the website out as their sales are weekly and provide great value for your money.


Bring Syphon Filter Back


Back in the PS one era there was an action game by the name of Syphon Filter. In it you controlled Gabriel Logan on a journey to stop the spread of a deadly virus that threatened the entire world. It was an interesting yet simple plot that fitted the modern spy theme of the game.

There were 3 PS One entries on the franchise, 3 good and fun games that were criticized by being very similar to each other, which they were. Syphon Filter 2 is by far, my favorite and the worst rated one, it required 2 cds (mostly due to the use of long cutscenes) and had the best moments. Truth be told, the games were released in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and were basically the same game with new missions, even the menu’s, sounds and overall feel were the same! Both the second and third game were almost considered mission packs for the first game, but damn were they fun.

From stealth missions to the run and gun shooting mechanics you would never have a dull moment while playing these games. Always looking for the perfect headshot and the opportunity to tase (podes usar electrify porque tase nao é mesmo uma palavra mas usa-se) someone to death (you would be amased by the quantity of people that have found memories of this game due to the silly air taser that allowed you to tase(ver acima) someone from a distance and just let them burn as long as you continued to hold the square button down), there were guns for every taste and a military themed plot where you found yourself in the middle of a conspiration revolving around your secret agency turning their back on you and branding you a terrorist and the journey to clean your name and bring them to justice.


By today’s standards, the game might sound very generic but when it came out it wasn’t, and it didn’t aim for realism, just having fun rolling around and killing hundreds of  “baddies”. There was a Syphon Filter game released on the PS2 but it relied heavily on online co-op and we all know that most people did not experience the online world until the current gen of consoles, unless you had a Pc, but then you wouldn’t be playing the game as it was a Sony exclusive. Later, the former developer of the series Eidetic, was renamed to Sony Bend after being bought by SCEA and since then they produced 2 new entries on the franchise for the PSP, Resistance Retribution also for Sony’s handheld and their most recent game Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Playstation Vita.

All of the titles mentioned above were well received and had decent scores, which makes me wonder why isn’t this once beloved franchise brought back to life? It would be great to see a proper sequel to the third game. It would have to be handled either by Sony Bend or some other FIRST party company, it would be a shame to see some third party making this a PS4 or Vita shovelware game… They could take a more realistic approach or just make it a fun third person shooter. Some people enjoyed the series because of it’s fast style and over the top missions, but whether you were running through the top of a fast moving train or fighting a helicopter head on, there was always a sense of realism, something that managed to make you feel like a badass without making the game so over the top to the point of silliness.


Even if we don’t get a proper PS4 version, there’s a big possibility a new entry will eventually come to the Vita, hopefully with the quality we’ve come to expect from Sony Bend. Despite it not being a title capable of selling consoles in and off itself, it could be a great game, especially if they looked to more successful games for inspiration, like Splinter Cell or even Metal Gear Solid… They could take the franchise in any direction as long as they did treated it with respect, improved on its story and ramped up the gameplay. Online could also be something to look forward as long as they didn’t make a game solely based on it, but rather making it a solid complement to the single player campaign!

The First Hours of The Cat Lady


The Cat lady is an adventure/horror game created by Harvester Games, an Indie developer that focuses on delivering old school style adventures with a horror twist. They mainly want to appeal to core gamers and one must agree that they successfully do.

In this game, you play as Susan Ashworth, a protagonist that feels real and whose view of life is grim and overall negative. She lives alone in her apartment and kills herself right at the beginning of the game. After a strange yet interesting turn of events (which I won’t spoil for you) she finds herself again in the land of the living. Armed with the knowledge that 5 people will enter her life, 4 of them with ill purposes and 1 who can bring the true happiness she’s sought for years, she has been tasked to cleanse the world of the 4 who allegedly do not deserve to live.

You play this point and click adventure in a 2D perspective and it basically consists in walking and interacting with objects around you, as a true adventure game. Exploration is non existent since you’re completely restricted to moving left or right and the objects you can interact with aren’t that abundant…

It is a linear experience but one very good at that. It looks purposely ugly and gives a strange puppet theater feel to the characters, which enhances their unappealing look and gives the game a personal style that you’ll probably come to love the more you play. There are puzzles to be solved and people to interact with and although there is text to be read, all conversations are voice acted.


The voice acting is all over the place… Some actors are good enough while some are very weak, there even were one or two times I could notice the poor quality of the actor’s microphone! One thing I find very important to make a videogame successful is its soundtrack and I can proudly say that this game has got you covered, from the music itself to the eerie sounds that will make you want to think twice before moving to the next room.

I’m still on the third chapter of the game (there are a total of seven) and I feel compelled to just go at it and finish it in one sitting! If it keeps up this level of overall quality it might even turn out to be one of the best horror stories this year…

I recommend you all to give this game a try! It is not available on Steam albeit being on Greenlight waiting for approval. For more information you can visit the developer’s website by clicking here.

Good Ol’ Days


How many of you remember the Amiga 500? Considered the first “low-end” Commodore Amiga 16/32 multimedia home/personal computer, it was released in 1987 and discontinued in 1991, the year I was born. Funny thing that I got an Amiga around 93 or 94, that might explain why it was given to me at the time since I wasn’t very wealthy and the system had a hefty price while it was on the market!

I have so many fond memories about that computer, it was the Amiga that brought me to gaming, with games like Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 and Dice’s Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Dreams and a ton more!

My father loved to play Sensible Soccer with me and we would play for hours and laugh because of the silly coaches that randomly started pointing at the field as if they were mad as hell… I still vaguely remember when I used to go out on Sundays to have a walk near the sea and then just coming back and playing one of the aforementioned pinball games with my parents and big sister, good memories, great gaming…

Both pinball games were actually the first games made by the Swedish games developer Dice, the producers of Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge (and the next Star Wars Battlefront)! I was very surprised when I found that out. They were called Digital Illusions back then and after a quick search I found out that Dice actually means Digital Illusions Computer Entertainment! I was so happy those guys are still around, although I’m believe that few if any members are still working there since back in the day…


I believe it was Mortal Kombat 2 that took 4 floppy disks and it constantly asked to change from disk to disk, and I would gladly do it, but thinking back it was kind of a pain having to do that all the time. I primarily used the Amiga 500 as a gaming console, my father did use it for working purposes but for me it was all about the games! Another one that just came to my mind was SuperFrog, created by Team17, the guys that went on to create the beloved Worms franchise. SuperFrog was a platform game where you play as a frog (obviously) and had to save a princess from an evil witch. The game had solid gameplay mechanics and a neat soundtrack too. It was even brought back not long ago to the PC by the hands of Good Old Games.

That’s about it… I just wanted to write about my experience with the Amiga 500 without much of a purpose than mere writing about it. Did any of you, readers, have an Amiga? If so, share your experience with me, favorite games and found memories are also very welcome. I just want to point out that if I didn’t answer you in the past is because I had a few troubles with a spam filter. If you want to hear some nostalgic Amiga 500 music, be sure to watch this youtube video compilation!

Until next time, Good Gaming!

Why Isn’t Writing Taken Seriously?

While this article will be centered around gaming, it will not be about games themselves but about society and how they look at authors.


I can’t say I’m a successful author as I never made money writing either stories or articles for websites, yet! The thing is, people tend to look at those who write for Internet websites about gaming or any other subjects as if they’re lazy, and use the Internet as an excuse to either stay at home or just not having a 9-to-5 job. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family, your lover or anyone else (especially people that are older that didn’t live much time in the modernized society), there will be someone who has problems with you doing this because it is not in their “understanding” that you can make a living by doing what you love.

My intention with this article is just to let people know a little bit about me and not advising people on what to do (although I could always try and discuss this with you if you so desire).

Let’s focus on what I tend to do most, writing videogame articles. I won’t call it journalism as I consider myself more of a gaming enthusiast and someone that can see the art behind gaming rather then someone whose always looking for the next big scoop before others. As you might know, people tend to enjoy lowering others because it makes them feel like they’re more worthy than you. And I don’t mean they do this on purpose (although some do), some folks just act like that in order to protect themselves and what they do and what they always believed was the right way to live life! Those people won’t just let you waltz right in and say “you could make a living doing what you love and appreciate”! Why? Because life has you making these strange sacrifices, it takes strange turns and you end up leaving behind things you loved and people you cared about and in the end of the day, you will not accept things could have gone any easier… For them life is just hard and a struggle! And making money sharing your thoughts and opinions looks very easy for them so it can’t be true!

I’ve even had people close to me who I’ve told I write for a website, that it isn’t the biggest thing right now, but still I’m working hard to get my word out there! The person was interested in my enthusiasm and asked “Well… What do you write about?” . You should have seen the look on the person’s face when I said videogames… I can’t even explain it but I felt so embarrassed in those next few seconds as the person’s interest turned to none and the only answer I got was “Ok…” and the subject dropped right then and there…

I can proudly say that I won’t let those opinions and attitudes dissuade me from my goal, which is to become a respected voice in the gaming industry, and I do NOT mean famous! As long as there are people like you, giving me their time and enjoying what I write I shall not stop! I’ll try to improve and listen to all the feedback so I can to become better at what I do and provide you the best I can!

THAT is my true goal, and maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll be able to make a living with this and provide even more content with a lot more quality then that which I’m doing right now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, you are what’s keeping me going and wanting to never give up on writing! And if you are a writer yourself (any kind of writer), don’t EVER give up on your passion!

6.0 Does NOT mean a Game is Garbage!


Nowadays, people tend to look at a game’s score and determine if its a good game or not, sometimes without even watching (reading) the entire review and not having experienced the game by themselves. This utterly manages to get me worked up as I see games that get a 6.0 or a 6.5 being called a piece of garbage or even worse. While I can agree that most people who do this are a bunch of fanboys and, as so, do not deserve much credit… I also know that some folks who are not fanboys, don’t understand what a rating sistem is, nor its final purpose and that bother me.

Some websites don’t even give a final score in the form of a number, which tends to make people read everything! I understand that some folks don’t have the time or disposition to read a whole review but when buying a game is concerned, you should take your time to really see if it is worth your money or not, games aren’t cheap after all…

I recently gave a 6.5 to Remember Me, you can read the review here, and I had fun playing it! It was a decent game with a great world which unfortunally wasn’t fully explored! I stand by my decision, it is a good, yet flawed game! It’s not bad, by any stretch of the imagination and you’ll probably like it, but it was a disappointment, a bit like DeadPool which I’m currently playing, although my hopes for Remember Me far exceeded those I had for the DeadPool game…

Before I finish, I want to take you back 14 years, to a game you might recall… Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace for the ps1… This game was met with bad to mediocre reviews but still I had a great time with it, and this isn’t only nostalgia speaking as I picked it up recently and it was cluncky, the camera was awkward and many other problems but it was still fun to play… You even had dialogue options to talk to other characters and the typically great soundtrack associated with all Star Wars games! The missions I most enjoyed on that game were the ones on Tattoine that had you talking to a whole bunch of NPC’s and even fight in a pit before Jabba the Hutt… Oh I miss those days… My Point being that the game got a 4. something on gamespot and a 6.2 on IGN and still it was considered horrible by many and still, some people enjoyed it (such is the nature of gaming)… If you get a chance, try it out, it should be really cheap nowadays, just do me a favor and don’t go in expecting an amazing game and just try to enjoy it for what it was… Hell, maybe this is just nostalgia playing a major prank on me…

Anyway that was all I had for you today, the Industry has been quite stale lately and there hasn’t been a lot to talk about as of late but I’ll try to keep content coming as I’m able to.

Once more, 6.0 does NOT mean a game is bad!