6.0 Does NOT mean a Game is Garbage!


Nowadays, people tend to look at a game’s score and determine if its a good game or not, sometimes without even watching (reading) the entire review and not having experienced the game by themselves. This utterly manages to get me worked up as I see games that get a 6.0 or a 6.5 being called a piece of garbage or even worse. While I can agree that most people who do this are a bunch of fanboys and, as so, do not deserve much credit… I also know that some folks who are not fanboys, don’t understand what a rating sistem is, nor its final purpose and that bother me.

Some websites don’t even give a final score in the form of a number, which tends to make people read everything! I understand that some folks don’t have the time or disposition to read a whole review but when buying a game is concerned, you should take your time to really see if it is worth your money or not, games aren’t cheap after all…

I recently gave a 6.5 to Remember Me, you can read the review here, and I had fun playing it! It was a decent game with a great world which unfortunally wasn’t fully explored! I stand by my decision, it is a good, yet flawed game! It’s not bad, by any stretch of the imagination and you’ll probably like it, but it was a disappointment, a bit like DeadPool which I’m currently playing, although my hopes for Remember Me far exceeded those I had for the DeadPool game…

Before I finish, I want to take you back 14 years, to a game you might recall… Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace for the ps1… This game was met with bad to mediocre reviews but still I had a great time with it, and this isn’t only nostalgia speaking as I picked it up recently and it was cluncky, the camera was awkward and many other problems but it was still fun to play… You even had dialogue options to talk to other characters and the typically great soundtrack associated with all Star Wars games! The missions I most enjoyed on that game were the ones on Tattoine that had you talking to a whole bunch of NPC’s and even fight in a pit before Jabba the Hutt… Oh I miss those days… My Point being that the game got a 4. something on gamespot and a 6.2 on IGN and still it was considered horrible by many and still, some people enjoyed it (such is the nature of gaming)… If you get a chance, try it out, it should be really cheap nowadays, just do me a favor and don’t go in expecting an amazing game and just try to enjoy it for what it was… Hell, maybe this is just nostalgia playing a major prank on me…

Anyway that was all I had for you today, the Industry has been quite stale lately and there hasn’t been a lot to talk about as of late but I’ll try to keep content coming as I’m able to.

Once more, 6.0 does NOT mean a game is bad!


2 comments on “6.0 Does NOT mean a Game is Garbage!

  1. It sort of does though. The way reviewers review things now (I think they throw high ratings about too willingly, which gives people a lack of perspective) if you are below a 7 it is a poor game. I don’t agree that this should be the way but the fact is that if a game receives a 6 or less then it probably isn’t that great but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun playing it as you said.

  2. You’re right… Reviewers tend to give high ratings like candy these days. People should read the whole review, especially if the rating isn’t too high. And for my reviews, I do explain that a 6.9 isn’t a bad game, because for me it’s not. For the other websites… Well just read the whole thing and especially the opinions of fellow players (I didn’t get to this coment before as it was marked as spam, I don’t know why)

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