The First Hours of Faster Than Light


After a month of forced vacation (my gaming laptop died on me) I’m back and boy have I got things to say!

Faster than Light (FTL) is another one of those games I bought in the amazing Indie bundles around the Internet, its a real time  strategy game, developed by Subset Games and sold only via digital distribution platforms such as Valve’s steam.

The game was released in September 2012, was met with good reviews and it swept the internet thanks to the popularity of websites such as YouTube and its millions of followers. It features some rogue like elements and stands as a great example of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The first thing I want to mention is the game’s beautiful soundtrack, as soon as I’ve heard it, I knew I had to buy it online! Its soothing and has a particularly simple yet charming tone to it, invoking the wonder of traversing the unknown perfectly. A huge shout out to Ben Prunty, the game’s composer who did such an amazing job.


For the record, I didn’t manage to beat the game (yet) but I’ve manage to reach the final level and got obliterated, on easy mode none the less… I’m working on it though, cof. The game’s mechanics are fairly simple, you start off with a small crew that you can build up to a maximum of 8 members, and your only purpose is to escape your pursuers and reach safe haven. You go through several star systems, some friendly, some not as much and then you die… Yup, in this game you’ll die, A LOT! And I don’t mean the game is difficult, it’s just unfair. Luck is a factor than albeit being present in most things, governs the greater part of this game. You’ll be seeing a lot of text boxes (Random Events) that in themselves constitute the game’s backbone, in these events you will have to choose an action to take such as helping a ship that is under attack or just let them be and avoid a fight altogether, each having their own advantages, do you prefer to be the hero and maybe die trying to save a few strangers or just continue on your merry way and live another day? Maybe you need supplies and that enemy ship that hasn’t spot you has a lot of them just waiting for you… It’s up to you to decide how to tackle each event. 


When you get yourself in trouble, and trust me, you will get into a lot of it, you’ll be presented with strategic space battles where have to control your crew by using the mouse, have them man their stations and choose what systems to attack in the enemy ship and what weapons to attack them with; there are missiles, lasers, bombs and beams  that you can use to take your targets down! If you want to take the battle to your enemies, you can teleport your crew into their ship and eliminate the threat from the inside (you can also be boarded though). There is also an assortment of droids that can do anything from attacking your enemies to repair your ship during battles!

Despite being easy to understand, FTL has a lot to offer and a lot of little things you’ll find out the more you play it, it is very unique and if you like strategy and sci fi be sure to check it out!


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