The First Hours of The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – Faith


Now there is a funny title, the first hours of a game that is 2 hours long…

Responsible for last year’s The Walking Dead videogame (the good one) TellTale has brought us a game in the same vein as the acclaimed zombie title but this time the subject at hand is completely different.

Based on  Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series, you play as Bigby, the big bad wolf from the old fairy tales and you are the sheriff of a small town where all the fables live. You’ll encounter snow white, the beauty and the beast and a few more well known characters in your quest to find a serial killer; that is the basic arc of your story.


Where the game shines though is in its gameplay, its just like The Walking Dead game where you’ll spend most of your time choosing dialogue and searching the scenery for clues and things to click on (an allusion to the old adventure games). While simple, dialogue is masterfully presented along with great voice acting  that trully makes characters feel real and alive.

Just because you’ll be dealing with fables, do not presume this is a game for children as it touches on strong themes such as prostitution and foul language, making it a mature game and setting meant to be enjoyed by adults.

The visuals are also very appealing as they maintained the cell shaded feel of The Walking Dead game but also added a comic book touch, making it look a tad different from what we’ve previously seen. It looks better, in my honest opinion.


As in their previous titles, you’ll be changing how the story unfolds as you approach each situation, principally in dialogues where it is up to you to act as a “big bad wolf” and smack people around being as rude as you can, or to be friendly and trying to avoid conflict altogether; albeit some of these changes tend to feel superfluous some look like they can have a strong influence in future episodes forcing you to make decisions such as arrest one guy and letting the other one get away.

The full game will feature 5 episodes total, released one at a time. This is merely a quick look at the first one, “Faith”  and I can proudly say it is a great experience that you should definitely try for yourself.

I’ll continue to follow this series and post articles on future episodes when they are released and i can I get my hands on them, until then, be sure to check this one out, especially if you liked TellTale’s previous games.


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