Befriended an Amiga 500 soon after being born, been gaming ever since. Has a knack for writing and saying things he shouldn’t. Gamer by Heart, whose favorite videogames are Mass Effect 1 and 2, the Metal Gear Solid series, Syphon Filter and Barbie in: The 12 Dancing Princesses (not really). Always preferred PlayStation over Xbox due to the huge amount of exclusives the Playstation has ,yet he respects the Xbox, he also dislikes fanboys so calm down… Loves Online games, especially Co-Op, Left For Dead or Team Fortress 2 are always a go and he can even play some League of Legends matches (although his team will probably loose)… Just don’t try to play FIFA 13 against him, he will kick you ass! No, reallyseriously, he will!
Any more information is confidential and he will have to kill you, although you can follow him on twitter at @VitorRammstein, just try not to piss him off, ok?


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