Is Free-To-Play the way to go for MMO’s in the future?


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In the article I talk a little bit about the MMO payment models and which one is my favourite and why. 

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Bring Syphon Filter Back


Back in the PS one era there was an action game by the name of Syphon Filter. In it you controlled Gabriel Logan on a journey to stop the spread of a deadly virus that threatened the entire world. It was an interesting yet simple plot that fitted the modern spy theme of the game.

There were 3 PS One entries on the franchise, 3 good and fun games that were criticized by being very similar to each other, which they were. Syphon Filter 2 is by far, my favorite and the worst rated one, it required 2 cds (mostly due to the use of long cutscenes) and had the best moments. Truth be told, the games were released in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and were basically the same game with new missions, even the menu’s, sounds and overall feel were the same! Both the second and third game were almost considered mission packs for the first game, but damn were they fun.

From stealth missions to the run and gun shooting mechanics you would never have a dull moment while playing these games. Always looking for the perfect headshot and the opportunity to tase (podes usar electrify porque tase nao é mesmo uma palavra mas usa-se) someone to death (you would be amased by the quantity of people that have found memories of this game due to the silly air taser that allowed you to tase(ver acima) someone from a distance and just let them burn as long as you continued to hold the square button down), there were guns for every taste and a military themed plot where you found yourself in the middle of a conspiration revolving around your secret agency turning their back on you and branding you a terrorist and the journey to clean your name and bring them to justice.


By today’s standards, the game might sound very generic but when it came out it wasn’t, and it didn’t aim for realism, just having fun rolling around and killing hundreds of  “baddies”. There was a Syphon Filter game released on the PS2 but it relied heavily on online co-op and we all know that most people did not experience the online world until the current gen of consoles, unless you had a Pc, but then you wouldn’t be playing the game as it was a Sony exclusive. Later, the former developer of the series Eidetic, was renamed to Sony Bend after being bought by SCEA and since then they produced 2 new entries on the franchise for the PSP, Resistance Retribution also for Sony’s handheld and their most recent game Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Playstation Vita.

All of the titles mentioned above were well received and had decent scores, which makes me wonder why isn’t this once beloved franchise brought back to life? It would be great to see a proper sequel to the third game. It would have to be handled either by Sony Bend or some other FIRST party company, it would be a shame to see some third party making this a PS4 or Vita shovelware game… They could take a more realistic approach or just make it a fun third person shooter. Some people enjoyed the series because of it’s fast style and over the top missions, but whether you were running through the top of a fast moving train or fighting a helicopter head on, there was always a sense of realism, something that managed to make you feel like a badass without making the game so over the top to the point of silliness.


Even if we don’t get a proper PS4 version, there’s a big possibility a new entry will eventually come to the Vita, hopefully with the quality we’ve come to expect from Sony Bend. Despite it not being a title capable of selling consoles in and off itself, it could be a great game, especially if they looked to more successful games for inspiration, like Splinter Cell or even Metal Gear Solid… They could take the franchise in any direction as long as they did treated it with respect, improved on its story and ramped up the gameplay. Online could also be something to look forward as long as they didn’t make a game solely based on it, but rather making it a solid complement to the single player campaign!

Watch Dogs (Yes I had to talk about this game)


Well, I had to write an article about Watch Dogs… I just had to. As much as  I like to explore the Indie realm and the smaller games there is just no avoiding this game… But don’t worry, I won’t go trough the game’s features and all that nonsense because everyone does it and it just gets boring!

With Watch Dogs we have an open world game where you play as some kind of hacker who has access to information regarding basically everyone, who fights for freedom in a controlled society where privacy is something rare and precious…

A game that can steal the crown of best open world game from the hands of Rockstar, by giving the player a rich world filled with details and a true graphical prowess! GTA V is coming out first and on the current gen consoles so Watch Dogs should at least have a better visual presentation since it is also coming out for the PS4 and the XboxOne. 

One thing that should make Rockstar’s game more appealing to a broader audience is the quantity of side activities that the game will present to players, tennis and golf are just 2 examples of what to look for… On the other hand, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is shaping up to be a more story driven game, with less emphasis on fun activities and more on the narrative itself. 

One of the games tends to more of a satire of today’s society and the other is more of a grim look into the near future, guess which one is which? Easy question… It may come down to your person taste to decide which style of game suits you better.

But if you ask me which of these games I’m most looking forward to, I would have to say that despite my huge interest for Watch Dogs, GTA V is the game I want to get my hands on first…

But I’m very happy that a true contender to the open world crown is about to hit the market later this year, and the fact that this is a new IP just makes it even better.

And, as with all these gaming and console rivalries… We, gamers, are the ones who always win!


Tom Clancy’s: The Division


Well, there is a lot to talk about and I’ll get to everything when I can, but today I am more interested in talking to you about the game who (for me) was the best reveal this E3, and that is Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s: The Division”.

While last year I was impressed with “Watch Dogs” (another Ubisoft game), this year the title that won me over was definitely “The Division”. After a mediocre conference with an obnoxious host who tried way to hard to be funny, we we’re shown this beautiful game, set in New York, 3 weeks after a plague swept through it and killed a lot of people! The survivors are mostly aggressive scavengers who will fight you for resources (nothing new here).

You’ll also have to scavenge and explore the city to find parts and supplies, like water for example. The game was described as an open world co-op RPG that you can play with your friends and probably by yourself too, although no details were revealed as to the possibility to have bots on your squad or even play the game singleplayer!


To be honest, not much is known about the game, it almost looked like an MMO for the gameplay we saw, with the city being completely filled with other players, some of which can even attack you and your buddies. You’ll do a lot of shooting, cover based and in third person. I didn’t particularly like the combat as it looked a bit mechanic and the numbers demonstrating the quantity of damage coming from the enemies doesn’t fit the realistic look and feel of the game.

I must say the game looks really good! I advise you to watch the gameplay reveal here and you’ll see what I mean!

It is set in the near future and as so, you’ll get to use some pretty neat futuristic weaponry, as a grenade who rolls by itself until it reaches your enemy (who thinks he’s safe behind cover) and then explodes, for example! The HUD looks very dynamic, showing a map on the floor in front of your character or the ammo you have beside you. Being multiplayer focused it’s good they won’t have you scrolling down menus, allowing you to keep up to the objectives in real time, while keeping an eye out for other players and enemies!


The game will be available as a next-gen exclusive, PS4 and Xbox One to be exact, although I would love to see it coming to the PC later down the line! I’m so pumped for this game and yet we know so little about it… I’ll be bringing you more E3 news as soon as I’m able too, until then, Good Gaming!

The Beautiful World of Proteus


Well, I like to be an all-around gamer, so I try to play games in all genres!
Well the most recent one I got was Proteus. The game is basically a free roam, go wherever you like kind of game, with no objectives other than to explore!

The best of all is that it does not get boring (in part because it’s a very short experience). The game world is generated every time you start a new game and what you get is an island to explore. There are no characters, no dialogue and no missions to do! It is only you… you and a peaceful deserted place for you to lose yourself in.

The soundtrack is good, although not great. I love the sounds of the night and the ocean, but during the day in the middle of the forest, it can get a bit irritating, with too many high pitch sounds at the same time. The music is generated by the objects around you and that is maybe the reason I got a few too much sounds at the same time.

All in all it’s a good little experience and I do hope to see the next project from Ed Key and David Kanaga soon.

Why I Love Indie Games

We all love AAA titles and it’s a great thing they exist because they keep gaming in general relevant as a business.

But we all know that big companies avoid taking huge risks and most of the time they play it safe! But a new movement started massively growing a few years ago, the Indie Game Industry (if we can call it an Industry)!

From games made by a single person, to games made by teams of a few people, the Indie Scene has brought us great experiences! Sometimes we get simple games like, Proteus or Journey, other times we get a game like Minecraft, who brought the Indie genre to the spotlight, a game where your imagination is the limit and where you can explore and build whatever, whenever, wherever you fancy!

These little “huge” games have a very special place in my heart and I can only imagine what the future will bring for us gamers, and from what we have been experiencing, along with announcements like The Witness for the PS4, it will be a Bright Future!

Female Protagonists

Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine, Bayonetta… Do you recognize these names?
Those are some of the most well-known female lead characters in gaming. They are strong, intelligent and very capable of handling any situation thrown at them.

But they are women… So we can expect them to be weaker, not as meaningful and overall less charismatic than men, or can we?

As we can all see, most videogame lead characters are men, and according to some people on the gaming industry (I´m not gonna name names, do your “googling” lazy people!) female protagonists make games sell less and make players less interested in experiencing a story through a women’s point of view.

Well that doesn’t bode well for me! Why in the world would playing as a female be worse than playing with a male? Why? I, sincerely hope people (especially publishers) stop going this route and start giving producers room to work on their great ideas, independently of the lead’s gender!

As a man, I get as much enjoyment playing as Nathan Drake or Kratos as I do with Lara croft or Bayonetta! The gender does not matter, good storytelling matters! And if those old fashioned ways of thinking are based on true statistics then people need to wake up, its 2013 for God’s sake! Do we really need to continue with this gender discrimination? Even in gaming??

C’mon, put your thinking hats on and give this matter a few minutes of thought…

On this topic i urge you all  to go and purchase the new Tomb Raider game! I can say i have already beaten it and its a wonderful game, with good storytelling (simple and straightforward but enjoyable none the less); and a well developed main character that is determined, self reliant and strong! And guess what? Its a woman, and I love the game!! Most people i know also loved it and it is selling well as far as I know…

The gaming Industry Must evolve past these rudimentary problems if it is to mature and reach a even broader audience and finally get the respect it deserves!