The First Hours of DeadPool


Today I’ll be covering a game that I expected to be either bad or mediocre, one that was going to have it’s own review, until I started playing it for a few hours and realized it wasn’t worth the time and effort. I do mean to beat it sometime and maybe talk a little more in depth about it but for now I’ll just share with you some of my opinions regarding the game.

As most of you probably know, Deadpool is a Marvel character that first emerged in 1991, it is known to be a mercenary schmuck who started as a villain and later became an anti-hero. As I’m not here to provide you with the history of the character, let us delve into the game itself.

The game is basically a brawler where you fight human and mutant enemies in waves while moving from point A to point B, that’s it… After a couple of hours, the only thing that may keep you engaged in this game is Nolan North’s superb job at portraying the “merc with a mouth”. As always the talented voice actor makes the character come alive and is one of the main reasons you’ll want to play this game, which doesn’t bode well for the game’s overall quality, does it?


High moon studios, the people responsible for the title, realized the limitations of the game and during gameplay you can even hear Deadpool himself poking fun at the game’s (lack of) budget. It all just feels cheap, very dull and repetitive. Even it’s attempt at  humor isn’t for everyone… There are a lot of “dick” jokes and silly things like that. I personally love when they break the forth wall in games, especially in this case, where the main character is known to do it even in its natural habitat, the comic books. There’s something really entertaining in having the character you’re playing as directly interacting with you!

As any brawler, you’ll have plenty of upgrades to buy and a (small) selection of weapons to choose from, but unfortunately it won’t really matter as you’ll be grinding most of the gameplay just to get to the next cutscene and consequent jokes. The lack of enemy variation is painful and most of the scenarios you’ll be visiting are uninspired and boring… As mentioned previously, voice acting is where this game shines the brightest, and I don’t just mean Nolan’s work but also the other supporting voice actors in the game.


It is rather unfortunate that this mercenary didn’t get a full blown AAA title dedicated to him, but I still have hopes he’ll be served justice in the future. As a final note, I would advise you NOT to buy the game unless you’re the most avid fan of the protagonist. There aren’t many reasons to go back to it once you complete it so just rent it if you’re curious or wait for its price to drop!

Oh Deadpool… Maybe Rocksteady will pick you up if you ask nicely. Until then… Blah…