The First Hours of The Cat Lady


The Cat lady is an adventure/horror game created by Harvester Games, an Indie developer that focuses on delivering old school style adventures with a horror twist. They mainly want to appeal to core gamers and one must agree that they successfully do.

In this game, you play as Susan Ashworth, a protagonist that feels real and whose view of life is grim and overall negative. She lives alone in her apartment and kills herself right at the beginning of the game. After a strange yet interesting turn of events (which I won’t spoil for you) she finds herself again in the land of the living. Armed with the knowledge that 5 people will enter her life, 4 of them with ill purposes and 1 who can bring the true happiness she’s sought for years, she has been tasked to cleanse the world of the 4 who allegedly do not deserve to live.

You play this point and click adventure in a 2D perspective and it basically consists in walking and interacting with objects around you, as a true adventure game. Exploration is non existent since you’re completely restricted to moving left or right and the objects you can interact with aren’t that abundant…

It is a linear experience but one very good at that. It looks purposely ugly and gives a strange puppet theater feel to the characters, which enhances their unappealing look and gives the game a personal style that you’ll probably come to love the more you play. There are puzzles to be solved and people to interact with and although there is text to be read, all conversations are voice acted.


The voice acting is all over the place… Some actors are good enough while some are very weak, there even were one or two times I could notice the poor quality of the actor’s microphone! One thing I find very important to make a videogame successful is its soundtrack and I can proudly say that this game has got you covered, from the music itself to the eerie sounds that will make you want to think twice before moving to the next room.

I’m still on the third chapter of the game (there are a total of seven) and I feel compelled to just go at it and finish it in one sitting! If it keeps up this level of overall quality it might even turn out to be one of the best horror stories this year…

I recommend you all to give this game a try! It is not available on Steam albeit being on Greenlight waiting for approval. For more information you can visit the developer’s website by clicking here.